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The President's Management Council

Reforming Government
The President has called for a bold agenda of government reform. By the end of his first term, he is expecting a government that will be entirely different from the one he inherited. "Let's do our duty. Let’s hold ourselves to the highest of standards. And we will leave this city and this government better than we found it." That is why the President's Management Agenda expects agencies to achieve "break-through" improvement in program performance by implementing the five government-wide goals. The changes the President expects will require relentless disciplined effort. Agencies that incorporate best practice skills and processes will be more likely to succeed.

President's Management Council
To help agencies succeed, the President formed the President's Management Council (PMC), comprised of the departmental and agency chief operating officers - generally the Deputy Secretary or Deputy Administrator - with agency-wide authority on behalf of the Secretary or agency head. Each month I will keep you posted on the PMC's developments and discuss new management issues and opportunities that the Administration is addressing. Next month, for example, I will report on the Executive Management Scorecard during the Mid Session update to the Budget.

Chair, President's Management Council

Last March, PMC members reorganized themselves into three committees to drive agencies’ implementation of the President's Management Agenda. The first committee is addressing the first two initiatives: Strategic Management of Human Capital and Competitive Sourcing. The second committee is focusing on Expanding Electronic Government. The third committee is addressing the Improving Financial Performance and Budget and Performance Integration initiatives. Here is a roster of the PMC members on each committee - to let you know who (and what agency they are from) is working on these issues:

Human Capital/Workforce Management Committee
Kay Coles James (OPM), Chair Jim Moseley (Agriculture)
Grant Green (State) John Brennan (CIA)
Alphonso Jackson (HUD) Sean O’Keefe (NASA)
Chris Wray (Justice) Jim Lockart (SSA)
Michael Jackson (Transportation)

E-Government Committee
Cam Findley (DOL), Chair Leo MacKay (Veterans Affairs)
Sam Bodman (Commerce) Michael Brown (FEMA)
David Chu (Defense) Claude Allen (HHS)
Kyle McSlarrow (Energy) Dean McGrath (OVP)
Steve Perry (GSA)

Budget/Performance Integration Committee
Bill Hansen (Education), Chair Linda Fisher (EPA)
Joe Bordogna (NSF) Fred Schieck (AID)
Steve Griles (Interior) Lloyd Blanchard (SBA)
Ed Kingman (Treasury) Joan Dempsey (Intelligence Community)
Lynn Scarlet (Interior)

The PMC is also working closely with the five goal "owners" in OMB and at the Office of Personnel Management:
  • Kay Coles James (OPM) Strategic Management of Human Capital,
  • Angela Style (OMB) Competitive Sourcing,
  • Mark W. Everson (OMB) Improving Financial Performance,
  • Mark Forman (OMB) Expanded E-Government, and
  • Marcus Peacock (OMB) Budget and Performance Integration.
We all stand ready to help you in any way we can.

The "stoplight" scorecard - with which I hope by now you are familiar - tracks how well departments and agencies are executing on each of the initiatives, and where they stand at a given point in time against overall standards for success. We are updating the scorecard on a quarterly basis, and publishing it semiannually in the Budget and the Mid Session Review.

Other Opportunities For Reform
The goals in the President's Management Agenda are being undertaken in advance of, not instead of, other needed management improvements. Several other matters requiring your attention are the need to tighten control of departments’ and agencies’ vehicle fleets, control of purchase and travel cards, and new guidelines for printing and duplicating.

I Look Forward To Working With You
The steps we are all taking to improve government management are exciting and long overdue. I look forward to working with you!


Mark W. Everson

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