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The President's Management Council

Executive Branch Management Scorecard
FY 2003, Fourth Quarter Update

More than a full year has passed since we began scoring agencies on the Executive Branch Management Scorecard. We have just completed updating this fiscal year’s final scorecard. Click here to see how your agency did: Full Scorecard

During Fiscal Year 2002, eight Departments and Agencies improved their status in one or more of the initiatives on the President’s Management Agenda. The Departments of Energy and Labor improved in two categories, while Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, Veterans Affairs, NASA, the National Science Foundation and the Social Security Administration all improved in one category. Unfortunately, two agencies – NASA and SBA – slipped in the Improved Financial Performance Initiative.

On the progress side, it is worth mentioning that the Department of Agriculture, which last quarter had red progress scores in Human Capital, Competitive Sourcing, and Budget and Performance Integration, improved in this last quarter to green in Human Capital and yellow in Competitive Sourcing. While Agriculture still has work to do in the area of Budget and Performance Integration, the agency’s commitment to the President’s Management Agenda is evident in these improved progress scores. Unfortunately, FEMA had real slippage on the progress side in the areas of Competitive Sourcing and Budget and Performance Integration.

The most important scorecard yet will be printed in the President’s FY 2004 budget, which is scheduled to be published in early February 2003. We will be updating the agency’s scorecard this December. So it’s important that we make substantial progress in the coming weeks so that we can demonstrate the progress we are making implementing the President’s Management Agenda. After planning improvements, we have entered that important stage of implementation where our success or failure will be evident not just by looking at our status on the scorecard, but also by what concrete steps we have taken to improve management in the Executive Branch.

View a comparison between the most recent scorecard and last year’s scores.


Mark W. Everson

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