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The Five Initatives

Strategic Management of Human Capital - Kay Coles James
Winning the Game With Succession Planning
November 11, 2003 - "The focus on human capital management has encouraged agencies to begin developing succession plans so they can be better prepared for whatever the future may bring. Like any playbook - for succession planning to work within an agency it needs solid planning, top-level commitment, planned investment, and managerial accountability. Many agencies have taken the opportunity to move beyond crisis management and instituted effective human capital strategies to address future losses while recruiting and retaining a high-quality, diverse workforce."

Success: Getting to Yellow - July 25, 2003
Keep Moving Towards Results - May 1, 2003
Human Capital Progress - February 21, 2002
Workforce Planning and Forecasting - December 1, 2002
"Strike Forces" Help You Reach Your Goals - September 1, 2002

Competitive Sourcing -
Reasoned and Responsible Public-Private Competition
November 14, 2003 - "When the PMA was first announced, few, if any, agencies other than the Department of Defense (DOD) had a significant history of using competitive sourcing. As a result, in the past, most in-house providers of commercial services were not motivated to improve their organizations as they likely would have been if faced with competition. Today, the picture is far different. Civilian agencies across government are positioning themselves to improve many of their day-to-day operations through the strategic application of public-private competition. Of particular importance, agencies are taking steps to ensure sound planning and effective use of competitive sourcing."

The President Intends to Nominate Safavian as New OFPP Administrator
November 3, 2003- The President intends to nominate David Hossein Safavian, of Michigan, to be Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President. Mr. Safavian currently serves as Chief of Staff for the General Services Administration in Washington, D.C.

What You Always Wanted to Know About the New OMB Circular A-76, but Were Too Confused to Ask
October 2, 2003- Frequently asked questions about the new A-76 Circular and the President's Competitive Sourcing Initiative.

Manager's Guide to Competitive Sourcing
September, 2003- This guide is a compilation of facts, sources, and aids to help you understand the Competitive Sourcing process and its requirements. It is not the definitive source on the subject numerous resources are readily available. The Federal Acquisition Council's objective is not to duplicate those resources, but to enhance and support agency efforts.

Supplement to July OMB Report on the President's Competitive Sourcing Initiative
September, 2003- This supplement to the July OMB report provides additional information on agency competitive sourcing actions, including a government workforce summary and competition plan profile for agencies tracked under the PMA. This supplement also reviews how recent changes to OMB's Circular A-76 (which provides guidance on the use of public-private competition) promotes more accountable and results-oriented actions.

Angela Styles Addresses Concerns About Competitive Sourcing
With the recent release of the new A-76 Circular, some federal employees have expressed concerns about the Competitive Sourcing Initiative. In this video Angela Styles, Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, addresses some of these issues.

New OMB Report Updates Plans for Carrying out the President's Competitive Sourcing Initiative - July 25, 2003
Examples of Progress - May 1, 2003
Revising Circular A-76 - February 21, 2003
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - December 1, 2002
The Process Isn't Pretty, But Savings Can Be Dramatic - September 1, 2002

Improving Financial Performance - Linda Springer
Eight Agencies Meet Combined Performance and Accountability Report Deadline
November 21, 2003 - "Agencies continued their steady progress toward achieving requirements of the Financial Performance initiative during the fourth quarter of 2003. While there were no status improvements, this quarter's progress forms the basis for a positive outlook for future score upgrades."

Linda Springer and EPA Employees Discuss Lessons Learned from Getting to Green
November 12, 2003 - In this video Linda Springer moderates a roundtable discussion with the EPA team that successfully took the agency's Financial Performance score to green. The group discusses best practices, barriers to success, and how getting to green effected their experience at EPA.

Linda Springer and Samuel Mok (CFO, Labor) Discuss Quarterly Financial Reporting
Linda Springer describes the advent of interim financial reporting as part of the Improved Financial Performance Initiative and asks Samuel Mok about how it effects his job as Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Labor.

Green! - July 25, 2003
Improved Progress Ratings - May 1, 2003
2002: Steadily Improving Financial Performance - February 21, 2003
The Scorecard, Financial Management Systems, and Erroneous Payments - December 1, 2002
Producing Better Financial Information - September 1, 2002

Expanded Electronic Government - Karen Evans
Realizing Success
November 14, 2003 - "As the new Administrator of E-Government and IT, I look forward to working together with Agencies and the White House to complete the implementation of the E-Gov initiatives so that the solutions they provide become part of the way government does business everyday. The Expanded Electronic Government initiative has focused on leveraging information technology to make the Federal government more citizen-centered and results oriented. With many of the E-Gov initiatives close to declaring success, citizens and government are beginning to see a real difference"

Delivering Results - July 25, 2003
The 2003 E-Gov Strategy - May 1, 2003
The 24 E-Government Initiatives - February 21, 2003
E-Gov Challenges & Solutions - December 1, 2002
The President Urges Agencies to Work Together on 24 E-Gov Projects - September 1, 2002

Budget & Performance Integration - Robert Shea
Managing for Results
November 14, 2003 - "Undeterred by the winds of Hurricane Isabel, Clay Johnson testified before the House Government Reform Committee about the Administration.s effort to make the government more results-oriented. He said, 'Managing for results is still a new way of thinking for the Federal government. But it is doable and, because we are managing in times of continued budgetary constraints, it is necessary. This will happen. We will bring about this historic change in government management together.' The way we are bringing about this results orientation is by achieving the goals of the Budget and Performance Integration Initiative."

Using the PART
October, 2003 - See examples of how OMB and Departments and Agencies are using the PART to inform their budget decisions.

The PART, in Scotland? - July 25, 2003
Hitting Our Pace - May 1, 2003
Moving Forward With the Program Assessment Rating Tool - February 21, 2003
Implementing the Performance Assessment Rating Tool - December 1, 2002
"Getting to Green" by Making Performance Count - September 1, 2002
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