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The Five Initatives

New OMB Report Updates Plans for Carrying out the President's Competitive Sourcing Initiative

OMB has released a report on the Administration's plan for opening commercial activities performed by the government to the dynamics of competition between the public and private sectors. To see the study, please click on the link below.

Numerous studies demonstrate that public-private competition, also known as competitive sourcing, improves service delivery and decreases costs to taxpayers -- by anywhere from 10-40% on average. The Administration's strategy for achieving these results features a three-pronged approach for the reasoned and responsible application of competition that is built around:

  • customized plans, shaped by considered research and sound analysis of each agency's mission and workforce mix;
  • a dedicated infrastructure to ensure accountable decision making; and
  • improved processes for conducting competitions in a fair and efficient manner.

The results of competitive sourcing, a key initiative of the President's Management Agenda, are being tracked on the Administration's management scorecard using revised criteria to reflect an agency's unique mission and circumstances. Because no two agencies are alike, the revised criteria contain no government-wide numerical goals that would require an agency to compete a portion of the commercial activities performed by the government. The new criteria are described in OMB's report.


Angela Styles

The Five Initatives:

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