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America Responds

Presidential Actions and White House News
President Increases Immigration Safeguards
Fact Sheet
Ridge, Thompson Hold Briefing
Fact Sheet: Organization and Operation of the Homeland Security Council
Radio Address of the President to the Nation en Español
More news...

By the Numbers

The U.S. Government has eight stockpiles or push packages containing 50 tons of medical supplies that can be anywhere in the United States within 12 hours or less. It takes nine semi-trucks to haul the supplies.

The FBI has more than 7,000 personnel (one in four employees) involved in the investigation of the September 11 attacks, which is the largest and most comprehensive investigation in the FBI's history.

There are 7,000 medical personnel distributed in 90 medical assistant teams throughout America and 6,000 members of the Surgeon General's Commission Corps.

There are 66 names on the Terrorist Financing List.

  Diplomatic Actions     Financial Actions   Investigative Actions   Federal Response Actions   Humanitarian Actions

Fact Sheet What is the War on Terrorism?
Fact Sheet Background on Afghanistan
Fact Sheet Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Latest Homeland Security Developments
Wednesday's Homeland Security Briefing
"...if everybody has a heightened sense of alert, we send a signal not only to America, but those who would terrorize us, those who are trying to disrupt our way of life, that we are on guard as a country," Gov. Ridge said Wednesday. Homeland Security Briefing Archives

Oct. 31-The Financial Action Task Force adopted eight recommendations, such as requiring countries to crack down on alternative remittance systems such as hawala, strengthening customer identification measures for wire transfers and ensuring that charities are not misused to finance terrorism.

Oct. 29-President Bush welcomes Japan's actions today to provide forces for surveillance, transport and other support short of direct combat operations in the war on terrorism. Complete Statement


Coordinating a national strategy against terrorism, more...
Securing information, logistical and military support, more...

Investigating leads, analyzing threaths, arresting suspects, more...
Mobilizing troops for action, more..

Providing emergency assistance to those in need, more...
Freezing Assets, establishing Terrorist Financing List, more...

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Federal Emergency Management Agency
Center for Disease Control
Department of Agriculture
Department of Defense
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Department of Justice
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Department of Transportation
Department of Treasury
Office of Personnel Management

How You Can Help

The Relief Effort
Red Cross, 1-866-GET-INFO (866-438-4636)
800-526-1417 TDD
The Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Rewards for Justice Program and Most Wanted Terrorists

The President asks American children to help Afghan children by contributing one dollar (cash, check or money order) individually or collectively to:

America's Fund for Afghan Children
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.
Washington, DC, 20509-1600

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