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White House Q&A - Answer

Barney. White House photo by Tina Hager.

Question: What are the names of the President's dogs?

Answer: President Bush and Mrs. Bush have two dogs named Barney and Spot. Barney is a 3 year-old Scottish Terrier given to the President by former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christie Todd Whitman. Spot is a 14 year old President's English Springer Spaniel and the off-spring of President and Barbara Bush's dog, Millie. Spot, also referred to as "Spotty," was named after Scott Fletcher, a former Texas Rangers baseball player, and was born at the White House on March 17, 1989 before going to live with then Governor Bush and Mrs. Bush in Texas.

In their spare time, both President Bush and Mrs. Bush enjoy spending time with their dogs. The President takes walks with his dogs on the South Lawn. Barney and Spot travel with President and Mrs. Bush and their dogs are often seen at their side while boarding and departing Air Force One and Marine One. President and Mrs. Bush board Air Force One with Spotty. White House photo by Eric Draper.

Spot enjoys playing tennis with the President, who hits the ball and the Spotty chases after it. Spot also loves to swim in the pool in the warmer months of the year. Barney, on the other hand, likes to play with a volleyball and prefers the cold marble floors of the White House to the summer heat.

Dale Haney, the White House Horticulturist, helps take care of Barney and Spot. Click here for Dale's "Ask the White House" online discussion.

White House photo by Eric Draper. For more information on Barney, click here.

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