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All Creatures Great and Small
The Roosevelt Menagerie
President Theodore Roosevelt and his family lived at the White House from 1901 to 1909. They are pictured here at their home in Sagamore Hill. A White House policeman helps young Quentin Roosevelt by holding the reins of Algonquin, a calico pony, in 1902. Kermit Roosevelt sits with his terrier, Jack, on the White House lawn in 1902. The Roosevelts once owned a one-legged rooster.
Archie Roosevelt poses with Algonquin the calico pony, June 17, 1902. Algonquin once rode in the White House elevator to visit Archie when he was ill. Theodore Roosevelt's oldest child, Alice, holds her dog on the White House lawn, June 17, 1902. Alice also owned a snake, which died a suspicious death at the hands of one of her siblings. Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. holds Eli Yale, one of his two blue macaws, June 17, 1902. Alice Roosevelt rides on her horse on the White House lawn, June 17, 1902.
In 1902 President Theodore Roosevelt's son, Archie, hid a Christmas tree in his closet. He placed gifts on the tree for each of his five brothers and sisters, his parents, and his three pets: Jack the dog, Tom Quartz the kitten and Algonquin the pony. Take a look at the Roosevelts and their White House menagerie.