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May 20, 2008
Contact: OMB Communications, 202-395-7254

Congressional Budget Overspends, Overtaxes

Washington, DC — OMB Director Jim Nussle issued the following statement regarding the final Congressional budget.

“The Congressional budget is the same old tax and spend blueprint that we objected to at its inception.  It contains the largest tax increase in history and nearly $25 billion in overspending, each penny of which drives the budget deficit higher.  It is difficult to believe that Congress couldn’t meet what they believe are national priorities within a discretionary spending total nearing one trillion dollars.  Plus, their budget irresponsibly ignores our future fiscal crisis – taking no action to check the exponential growth in automatic spending.

“The President took a principled stand for fiscal responsibility and has communicated clearly that spending beyond his reasonable and responsible levels will be met with a veto.  Keeping spending in check is the only way we can drive down the deficit and get the budget under control.  The Congressional budget missed the memo.”