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President Bush to Release Funds to Aid Hurricane Allison Victims

Washington, DC, June 23, 2001 -- On Monday, June 25th, President George W. Bush will release $500 million in previously appropriated funds for the disaster relief program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Administration believes these funds will be sufficient to immediately assist victims of Tropical Storm Allison in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania, as well as victims of other declared disasters.

At the beginning of the Bush Administration, $1.8 billion was available in contingent emergency appropriations for FEMA’s disaster relief program. On April 11, 2001, $700 million of this funding was made available to FEMA to address needs associated with the Seattle Earthquake and other disasters. Since the recently declared disasters in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania, FEMA has been working with State and local authorities to provide assistance to the affected areas. This request would make available $500 million for these and other disaster relief activities. With the release of these funds, there is an additional $583 million available to address future disaster requirements should the need arise.


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