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Cost Accounting Standards Board

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Administratively a function located within OFPP is the Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB), an independent legislatively-established board consisting of five members, including the OFPP Administrator, who serves as chairman, and four members with experience in Government contract cost accounting, two from the Federal government, one from industry, and one from the accounting profession. The Board has the exclusive authority to make, promulgate, and amend cost accounting standards and interpretations designed to achieve uniformity and consistency in the cost accounting practices governing the measurement, assignment, and allocation of costs to contracts with the United States.

The Board's regulations are codified at 48 CFR, Chapter 99. The standards are mandatory for use by all executive agencies and by contractors and subcontractors in estimating, accumulating, and reporting costs in connection with pricing and administration of, and settlement of disputes concerning, all negotiated prime contract and subcontract procurement with the United States in excess of $500,000.

The rules and regulations of the CASB appear in the Federal Acquisition Regulation located at General Services Administration's Acquisition Network (AcqNet)