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Procurement Policy Analyst
Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Julia Wise is a Procurement Policy Analyst with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.  She is responsible for coordinating and reviewing all acquisition regulatory/statutory changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), DFAR, and other agency regulations.  Julia’s acquisition program portfolio includes Service Contracting, Performance-Based Acquisition (PBA), Interagency Acquisitions, and Performance Measurement and Management.  She has 20 years of federal government acquisition experience working for General Services Administration (GSA), Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.    

Julia has a MBA/MS Degree in Management from Johns Hopkins University and a BS Degree in Marketing from the University of Baltimore. 

Career Highlights: 

  • In FY 2005, served as the GSA, Director of the Contract Policy Division, Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer, managing and supervising 10 Senior Procurement Analysts responsible for formulating, developing, and negotiating changes to the FAR and GSA manual and coordinated and commented on legislation.  In this position, she also served as the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council chair. 
  • In FY 2004, established OFPP’s online Acquisition Center of Excellence for Services.
  • From 2000 to 2005, served as a senior FAR Staff Analyst responsible for analyzing, negotiating, and updating changes to FAR parts 7, 14, 15, 16, and 37 and served as the Deputy Chair of the FAR Strategy Team in FY 2004.
  • In FY 2001 and 2004, served as GSA’s PBA Policy Expert and Program Manager responsible for establishing and coordinating GSA’s online PBSA Center of Excellence, and served as the GSA Team Leader of the Seven Steps to PBSA interagency maintenance team.  She worked with the OFPP Interagency PBSA Working Group to develop the OFPP July 2003 report on PBSA, Performance-Based Service Acquisition:  Contracting for the Future; and the Department of Commerce interagency team to develop the Seven Steps to PBSA online guide.
Since FY 2001, served as a speaker on various acquisition topics, specifically PBA, for the following organizations:  AFCEA, NRECA, NCMA, CODSIA, Potomac Forum, Ltd., The Potomac Institute, The National Institute for Government Innovations, A-76 Institute, Panorama Business Views, Inc., BIG 2005 Conference, SBA, State Department, GSA Expo, GSA 2004/2005 Federal Acquisition Conferences and various internal GSA offices.