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Bids for Printing the FY 2004
Budget Due November 22nd

  • The solicitation period for procuring printing services for the President's FY 2004 Budget closed on Friday, November 22nd. Bids that were received during that period are currently under review.

  • Review Solicitation Synopis. [Word or PDF 17k] PDF Information

  • Review Supplemental Terms and Conditions. [Word or PDF 452k] PDF Information

  • Read the deviation from the FAR signed by Director Daniels. [PDF 229k] PDF Information

  • Review the official Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel, opinion regarding Government Printing Office (“GPO”) involvement in executive branch printing.
November 15, 2002, Letter [56k] PDF Information
2002 Opinion [62k] PDF Information
1996 Opinion
  • OMB Responses to Questions Received on Request for Comments [Word or PDF 83k] PDF Information