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Meeting Record Regarding: SPCC

Date: 9/ 8/2006

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Ruth Solomon OMB/OIRA  
Pat O'Connor National Assocation of Fleet Administrators  
John Hopewell National Paint and Coatings Association  
Rob McArver Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association  
Jerry Schwartz American Forest and Paper Association  
Caroline Fuller Automative Service Association  
Jim Stine National Rural Electric Cooperative Association  
Joanna Johnson Automotive Oil Change Association  
Douglas Greenhars National Automobile Dealers Association  
Kevin Bromberg SBA/Office of Advocacy  
Craig Matthiessen EPA/OWSER/OEM  
Burleson Smith USDA  
Praveen Dixit DOC  
Rachel Halpern DOC  
Art Fraas OMB/OIRA  
Chris Rasmussen DOC  

Materials provided to OMB (326k)