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Meeting Record Regarding: MSHA Asbestos NPRM

Date: 5/ 3/2005

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Brenda Aguilar OMB  
Keith Belton OMB  
Kelly Bailey Vulcan Materials Co./NSSGA  
Ann Wylie University of Maryland  
Donald M. James Vulcan Materials Co./NSSGA  
Joy Wilson National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association  
Pam Whitted National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association  
John Morrall OMB  
Ed Sexauer MSHA  
Fred Siskind US DOL/OASP  
John Graham OMB  
Don Arbuckle OMB  
Willam C. Ford NSSGA  
Mark Kesselman OMB/OGC  
Becky Smith (by phone) DOL/MSHA  
Rob Stone (by phone) DOL/MSHA  
Dan Crane (by phone) DOL/OSHA