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Meeting Record Regarding: Steam Buffer

Date: 10/ 9/2008

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Art Fraas OMB/OIRA  
Brent Wahlquist OSM  
Andy DeVito OSM  
Jessica Ennis Earthjustice  
Christy Leavitt Environment America  
Jeremy Graham Earthjustice  
Lauren Trevisan Sierra Club  
Ed Hopkins Sierra Club  
Jim Hecker Public Justice  
Joan Mulhern Earthjustice  
Jennifer C. Chavez Earthjustice  
Nathan Frey OMB/OIRA  
Mark Lawyer DOI  
Craig Crutchfield OMB/NRD  
Jim Laity OMB/OIRA  
Kevin Neyland OMB/OIRA  

Meeting material provided to OMB (27 pages, 1,415 kb)PDF