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Meeting Record Regarding: Revisions to HIPAA Code Sets

Date: 7/23/2008

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Fumie Griego OMB  
Kathleen O'Connell OMB  
Mark Vinkenes OMB  
David H. Connolly Capitol Associates Inc. American Academy of Professional Coders
John C. Cerisano Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association  
Alissa Fox BCBSA  
Robert Tennant Medical Group Management Association  
JoAnne Glisson American Clinical Laboratory Asociation  
Julie Goon NEC  
Kelsey Farbotko HHS Executive Secretary  
Stacie Maass DPC  
Lauren Hunt HHS Office of Secretary/ES  
Tony Trenkle CMS  
Karen Trudel CMS  
Steve McMillin OMB  
Jonathan Morse OMB  

Meeting materials provided to OMB (19 pages, 1,001 kb)PDF