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Meeting Record Regarding: Everglades Restoration Programmatic Regulations

Date: 5/15/2002

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Jim Laity OMB/OIRA  
Earl Stockdale Army/OGC  
Bill Leary CEQ  
Stephanie Daigle EPA/Policy  
Dominic Izzo Army Civil Works  
Jim Smith Everglades Foundation  
Shannon Estenoz World Wildlife Fund  
Malia Hale National Wildlife Federation  
Ed Hopkins Sierra Club  
Brad Sewell NRDC  
John Adornato, III National Park Conservation Association  
Sean M. Mahon Audubon  
April Gromnicki Audubon  
Mary Barley Everglades Foundation  
Bill Riley Everglades Foundation  
Don Jodrey Department of the Interior  
Ann Klee DOI/Office of the Secretary  
Margaret Hopkins Department of the Interior  
Norm Starler OMB  
Paul Noe OMB/OIRA  
Darin Johnson Army/OGC  
Roger Griffis DOC/NOAA  
Tricia Choe DOC/OGC  
Chip Smith Army Civil Works  
Jon Werner Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA  
Fowler West The Washington Group (The Everglades Trust)