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Meeting Record Regarding: "10+2" Importer Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements.

Date: 10/ 6/2008

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Kristy Daphnis OMB/OIRA  
Nelson Garcia Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.  
Tom Sullivan SBA/Office of Advocacy  
Bruce Lundegren SBA Office of Advocacy  
Peter Friedmann Pac. Coast Council & CONECT  
Ray Bucheger Pac. Coast Council & CONECT  
Bryan Zumwalt National Marine Manufacturers Association  
Shannon Richter OMB  
Bruce Hirsh USTR  
Ted Posner NSC  
Elena Ryan USCBP  
Lorrie Rodbart USCBP  
Chris Pappas USCBP  

Meeting materials provided to OMB:
Document 1 (1 page,29 kb)PDF
Document 2 (2 pages, 137 kb)PDF
Document 3 (3 pages, 105 kb)PDF