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September 28, 1998

S. 2392 - Year 2000 Information Disclosure Act
(Bennett (R) Utah and 7 cosponsors)

The Administration strongly supports Senate passage and enactment of S. 2392, which would encourage organizations to share year 2000 (Y2K) information by limiting liability for good faith information disclosures. The protections in S. 2392 are limited to those that are necessary to encourage greater information sharing and would not shield companies from liability claims based on actual failures of products or services. The bill also would protect consumers from misleading advertising or other statements when purchasing products for their own use. S. 2392 is based on an Administration proposal.

As the President stated on September 18, 1998, enactment of this important legislation will help small and medium sized businesses and State and local governments and government agencies work through the Y2K problem. The legislation must be enacted this year to be effective in helping our Nation prepare its computer systems and other facilities and devices for the new millennium.