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July 25, 2001

H.R. 1954 - ILSA Extension Act of 2001
(Rep. Gilman (R) NY and 249 cosponsors)

The Administration supports an extension of the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA), as called for in H.R. 1954, but continues to favor a simple two-year, rather than five-year extension. The Administration's support for a two-year extension reflects the view that sanctions should be reviewed frequently to assess their effectiveness and continued suitability. The Administration appreciates the opportunity provided by H.R. 1954 to present a report to Congress detailing the Administration's views on the efficacy of continuing or modifying these sanctions.

The Administration shares Congress' concerns about the objectionable policies and behavior of Iran and Libya. These concerns continue to be reflected in a variety of policies the Administration has adopted, in Executive orders, in public statements, and in the leading role the United States plays in multilateral nonproliferation regimes.