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October 19, 2000

H.R. 2592 - Regulation of Low-Speed Electric Bicycles
(Rep. Rogan (R) California and 17 cosponsors)

The Administration has concerns with H.R. 2592, which would amend the Consumer Product Safety Act to provide that low-speed electric bicycles are consumer products. While the Administration supports provisions of the bill that would transfer jurisdiction over low-speed electric bicycles from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the legislation is technically flawed because it fails to include specific provisions permitting CPSC to quickly write safety standards for these vehicles.

If passed by the House, the Administration will work with the Senate to amend H.R. 2592 to:

  • Allow CPSC to amend the existing bicycle standard quickly and efficiently to minimize the period during which inadequate safety requirements exist. Recent amendments to the Consumer Product Safety Act have adopted this more streamlined approach to rulemaking. Examples include the bicycle helmet and garage door opener regulations.

  • Delete the bill's preemption provision. CPSC has a statutory preemption provision that is adequate. Introducing a different preemption provision for a single product would be unnecessary and confusing.

In addition, the Administration believes that H.R. 2592 should be amended to bring all low-speed motorized bicycles within the CPSC's jurisdiction, not just electric bicycles. H.R. 2592 should focus on the low-speed attribute of these vehicles, not on the energy source that powers them.