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Five New Professional Analyst Positions
in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

     The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs has initiated a search for five new professional analysts aimed at expanding the Office's scientific capabilities. The new staffing plan reverses a more than 10-year decline in OIRA staffing while adding new expertise in disciplines that have become increasingly important in OIRA's regulatory and information review functions. OIRA has historically possessed strong expertise in policy analysis, economics, statistics and information technology. The new staffing plan adds to OIRA's current disciplinary strengths and will enhance OIRA's capabilities to review agency initiatives in public health, safety, and environmental regulation. Over the last twenty years, as the activities of many economic regulatory agencies have been diminished or deregulated, Congress has expanded the federal government's regulatory role in a variety of science-related fields.

     When federal agencies submit regulatory proposals to OMB-OIRA, the accompanying regulatory analyses often are based on complex technical analyses (e.g., human health risk assessments based on toxicology and public health science). Even the cost-benefit analyses prepared by agencies, though expressed in economic terms, are based on important insights from diverse fields of science and engineering.

     The official vacancy announcements for these positions are posted at /oa/jobs/omb.html. One page descriptions of these positions are attached.