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OMB Director Bolten and CEA Chairman Mankiw testify on the FY 2005 Budget before the House Budget Committee OMB Director Joshua B. Bolten and Council of Economic Advisors Chairman N. Gregory Mankiw Testify on the FY 2005 Budget before the House Budget Committee Link to more information

President Bush discusses Budget after Cabinet meeting
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President Bush discusses Budget after
Cabinet meeting.
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Picture of OMB Director Bolten discussing the FY 2005 Budget with TV reportors at the White House OMB Director Bolten discusses the FY 2005 Budget with Television Reporters at the White House. Link to more information
What's Happening At OMB

Mid-Session Review of FY 2005 Budget Link to more information

FY05 Climate Change Expenditure Report to Congress Link to more information

Competitive Sourcing Saved Agencies $1.1 Billion Link to more information

Report to Congress: Managing Cost in the Federal Government Link to more information

FY 2005 President's Budget Link to more information

Blue Bullet The Budget Message of the President
Blue Bullet Summary of Accomplishments and Future Challenges
Blue Bullet Overview of the President's 2005 Budget
Blue Bullet Winning the War on Terror
Blue Bullet Promoting Prosperity, Expanding Opportunity
Blue Bullet Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility
Blue Bullet Managing for Results
Blue Bullet Upholding America's Values

News Releases
Blue Bullet OMB Issues 2005 Release Date Schedule for Principal Federal Economic Indicators
Blue Bullet Timothy K. Young Named Associate Administrator of E-Gov and Information Technology for the Office of Management and Budget
Blue Bullet Results-Oriented: Report Shows Impact of New Management Habits and Disciplines Resulting from President’s Management Agenda

Statements of Administration Policy
Blue Bullet S2845, National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004
Blue Bullet HR1057, Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act
Blue Bullet S2674, Military Construction Appropriations Bill, FY 2005
Current Charts [pdf]:
Blue Bullet
Cutting the Deficit in Half Link to more information
Blue Bullet
Enhanced Security - Restraint Elsewhere Link to more information


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