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Presidential Initiatives

Integrated Acquisition Environment

Program Managers

  • Chris Fornecker
  • Earl Warrington

Managing Partner

General Services Administration (GSA)


The Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) is a Presidential E-Gov initiative managed by GSA that consists of 9 governmentwide integrated systems facilitating, unifying, and streamlining each phase of the federal acquisition process.

Progress to Date

  • The following IAE systems are available governmentwide:
    • CCR - Central Contractor Registration (
    • EPLS - Excluded Parties List System (
    • eSRS - Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (
    • FBO or FedBizOpps - Federal Business Opportunities (
    • FedTeDS - Federal Technical Data Solutions (
    • FPDS-NG - Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (
    • ORCA - Online Representations and Certifications Application (
    • PPIRS - Past Performance Information Retrieval System (
    • WDOL - Wage Determinations Online (
  • Five systems have been honored with awards
  • Seven systems are required by the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
  • Best Practices Guide to “Contractor Performance in the Acquisition Process” received public comments
  • WDOL implemented XML interface for federal contract writing systems
  • DOD data migrated to FPDS-NG and DOD joined civilian agencies in real-time reporting of contract actions
  • Acquisition Requirements Team drafted governmentwide requirements for acquisition systems
  • CCR validates the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) of each new and updating registrant with the IRS
  • ORCA implemented XML interface for federal contract writing systems and incorporated DOD specific representations
  • FPDS-NG totally revamped standard reports to a new user-friendly format with drill-down features

Next Steps

  • Develop requirements for a contractor performance evaluation system with updated regulations and guidelines
  • Launch new FBO
  • Award new contract and launch EPLS
  • Finalize IRS validation of the TIN in CCR
  • Define standard functionality for federal contract writing systems to include interfaces with core financial systems and IAE systems to enable future testing

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IAE was one of the original 24 E-Gov initiatives under President Bush’s Management Agenda. In keeping with the Services Acquisition Reform Act, it is under the office of the GSA Chief Acquisition Officer, in the Office of Acquisition Systems. The IAE business structure provides a secure business environment that facilitates and supports cost-effective acquisition of goods and services in support of agency mission performance. This consists of four major business areas:

  • Business Partner Network (BPN). BPN provides a single point of registration and validation of supplier data that can be accessed by all agencies. BPN includes CCR, ORCA, PPIRS, EPLS, and eSRS.
  • Acquisition Information Reporting (AIR). This provides a central point for consolidated collection and access of statistical and management information related to government acquisitions. It includes FPDS-NG.
  • eMarketplace. Provides services needed during the contracting and ordering process. Includes FedBizOpps, FedTeDS, and WDOL. Future plans for eMarketplace include launching an updated version of an online Interagency Contract Directory (ICD) to facilitate leveraging contracts.
  • Standard Transactions. Provides a standard glossary and vocabulary to facilitate exchange of data between and within agencies.

Through the work of acquisition professionals from across the federal enterprise, IAE is achieving its goal of streamlining the intricate system of processes that is needed to buy and track over $400 billion in goods and services annually. It has enabled agencies to explore new opportunities to make their business environment more efficient. If it involves procurement, delivery of sensitive data to vendors, reporting procurement data to Congress, tracking government vendors’ performance, or providing payment information on contracts, it falls under the umbrella of IAE services.