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Presidential Initiatives

Enterprise HR Integration

Program Managers

Matthew Perry

Managing Partner

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)


The Enhanced Human Resource Integration (EHRI) initiative is developing policies and tools to streamline and automate the electronic exchange of standardized HR data needed for creation of an official employee record across the Executive Branch.  The EHRI tool set and central data repository will provide comprehensive knowledge management workforce analysis, forecasting, and reporting across the Executive Branch for the strategic management of human capital.

Progress to Date

  • Deployed Release 2 of the electronic Official Employee Record (eOER)
  • Loaded Release 2 Repository with 15 years of employee history data on 1.8 million federal employees
  • Modified and deployed Workforce Analysis and Forecasting tool
  • Deployed Business Intelligence tool with ad-hoc query capability and standard reporting capability
  • Defined eOER Release 3 Logical Data Model and Data Elements
  • Defined System Requirements Specifications and Portal User Roles for Release 3
  • Provided training to agencies on use of GOTS Workforce Analysis and Forecasting Tools
  • Provided interface control documents to the agencies and service providers
  • Stood up first agency on the eOPF application

Next Steps

  • Expand EHRI web-portal capability with dashboard views and standard reports
  • Increase frequency of data loads into the warehouse
  • Develop and deploy further agency interfaces
  • Deploy additional agencies on electronic Official Personnel Folder application
  • Coordinate the development of EHRI data standards across other OPM E-Gov initiatives
  • Incorporate Retirement Systems Modernization data requirements into the EHRI Logical Data Model
  • Continue training of agency officials on Workforce Analysis and Forecasting Tools


EHRI Metrics

Exhibit 300

Managing Partner Agency Exhibit 300


The Federal government processes more than 10 million personnel actions annually, and despite agency use of automated systems to support internal human resources (HR) operations, numerous actions are maintained in paper form. In addition, agencies currently support multiple data entry and collection efforts for requested HR information from various Office of Personnel Management (OPM) offices and a variety of oversight entities.

The Enterprise Human Resource Integration (EHRI) initiative will improve the internal efficiency and effectiveness of the Federal government by streamlining and automating the exchange of Federal employee HR information. Specifically, EHRI will eliminate the need for a paper employee record, better protect the rights and benefits of the Federal workforce, enable the electronic transfer of HR data throughout the Federal sector, and streamline and improve government-wide reporting and data analyses. Because all EHRI information exchanges will be electronic process cycle times will be reduced and the accuracy of transactions will increase.

EHRI will deploy a central repository to capture the electronic data associated with every Federal employee. This repository will better facilitate inter and intra-agency transfers and will house official employee records after an employee leaves the Federal service. Using state-of-the-art technologies for data analysis, EHRI will also increase the breadth and depth of HR data, revolutionizing the timeliness and effectiveness of Federal HR reporting and decision support analyses.

Consequently, oversight and operating agencies will have access to current raw data and easy-to-use strategic workforce planning/analysis tools, resulting in better management of human capital across more than 1.8M Federal employees. This E-Government initiative will also enable OPM to better support a wide variety of customer groups and stakeholders who rely on Federal HR information.