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The following letter was sent from OMB Director Mitch Daniels to cabinet and other agencies to provide general funding level and program performance guidance for the FY 2004 Budget. By focusing agency attention early in the year, these letters encourage attention to budget targets and the integration of high priority program performance and management issues into the FY 2004 budget formulation process, and improve agency budget submission quality and responsiveness.

Under separate cover agencies were also provided more detailed information on the common performance measures that are addressed in summary form in the Director’s letter, including additional measures that have been added related to the environment. The more detailed information on common measures follows as an addendum to the Director’s letter. Information on these measures is preliminary and subject to change. OMB staff will be working with affected agencies throughout the summer to reach final agreement on the measures and programs to be covered in the FY 2004 Budget.

M-02-06 (Planning for the President's Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request)  (65k) PDF Information

Addendum to M-02-06 (Detailed Information on Common Performance Measures)