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Circular No. A-1

August 7, 1952


SUBJECT:  Bureau of the Budget's System of Circulars and Bulletins to Executive
Departments and Establishments

1. Series of Communications. This revision of Circular No. A-1, which replaces and rescinds Circular No. A-1 Revised, dated August 3, 1948, describes the Bureau's system of Circulars and Bulletins which are employed to communicate various instructions and information to the executive departments and establishments. The Circular series is used when the nature of the subject matter is of continuing effect. The Bulletin series is used when the subject matter requires single or one-time action by the departments or establishments or is of a transitory nature.

2. Circular. Circulars are identified by the letter "A" and a number. When an instruction needs to be revised, the pertinent Circular will be re-issued with the same number and a new date. When the subject matter of a Circular is of such a nature as to require frequent changes in order to keep it current, revised pages may be re-issued in lieu of re-issuing the entire set of instructions in a Circular. These changes will be promulgated as a part of or attached to transmittal memorandums which will be numbered chronologically and identified by the Circular number.

3. Bulletins. Bulletins are issued in an annual series, numbered in chronological order. The last two numerals of the fiscal year of issuance are used to indicate the annual series; for example, Bulletin No. 53-1 is the first Bulletin issued in fiscal year 1953.

4. Instructions for Use of Circulars and Bulletins. The terms "departments and establishments" used in the Circular and Bulletin series include any executive department, independent commission, board, bureau, office, agency, Government-owned or controlled corporation, or other establishment of the Government, including regulatory commission or board, and also the municipal government of the District of Columbia, but do not include the legislative and judicial branches of Government.

The provisions of any Circular or Bulletin, except as otherwise specifically provided in any given Circular or Bulletin, shall be observed by every such department or establishment insofar as the subject matter pertains to the affairs of such department or establishment.

5. Distribution. Circulars and Bulletins are distributed only to heads of executive departments and establishments, their budget officers, and agency officials who have been authorized by the heads of departments and establishments to receive them.

6. Other Regulations. Attention is also directed to the Budget-Treasury Regulations, issued jointly by the Bureau of the Budget and the Treasury Department, which are promulgated independently of the Circular and Bulletin series of the Bureau of the Budget.


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