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Rebuilding Afghanistan Fact Sheet

The United States and Afghanistan share a common vision for an Afghanistan that is prosperous, democratic, self-governing, market friendly and respectful of human rights


Afghanistan has improved its health care system, with the help of $23 million from the U.S. Since April 2002, Afghanistan has:

  • Improved access to primary health care for 2 million Afghans living in rural areas
  • Vaccinated 4.3 million children against measles and treated 700,000 cases of malaria
  • Rebuilt 72 hospitals, clinics, and women’s healthcare centers
  • Planned to build or rehabilitate 550 health care centers
  • Provided medicine and equipment to 68 clinics
  • Provided 120,000 insecticide-treated bed nets
  • Revitalized the polio eradication program’s surveillance system
  • Revised the national curriculum for midwives


    The U.S. has pledged $80 million to help Afghanistan rehabilitate the main road connecting Kabul, Kandahar, and Herat. Construction of the Kabul-Kandahar portion is slated for completion next year. The U.S. is also helping to:

  • Repair and reconstruct 31 bridges and more than 2,485 miles of roads
  • Provide $1.6 million to winterize the Salang tunnel/highway
  • Repair more than 6,000 water wells, canals, dams and water systems


    The UN expects 4 million to enroll for the new school year that begins in March. Today, 3 million are enrolled. Most Afghan children didn’t attend school in 2001. Afghanistan has, with U.S. assistance:

  • Provided more than 15 million textbooks
  • Provided 30,000 instructional kits
  • Offered salary supplements to more than 50,000 teachers
  • Rebuilt or rehabilitated more than 250 schools
  • Provided refresher training to 1,360 teachers and trained 60 teacher trainers

    Empowering Women

    Afghanistan is dedicated to improving the lives of women. The U.S. is helping by:

  • Providing $8 million for women’s resource centers

    Afghan National Army

    The Afghan government plans to create an army of 70,000 to defend their country. The 6th Battalion, Afghan National Army finished basic training on February 9, yielding nearly 600 more troops for the central government. The U.S. is:

  • Providing assistance for military infrastructure, training, and equipment, utilizing $150 million from the Afghan Freedom Support Act
  • Alternated with the coalition military partners as trainers for each class of Afghan recruits trained at the Kabul Military Training Center

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