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Date: 09/20/2001 11:08 AM EDT
From: Melissa
To: President George W. Bush
Subject: Circle of Prayer

One day after terrorists used commercial airplanes to destroy the World Trade Center Towers and attack the Pentagon, firefighters take a moment to post the flag into the scarred stone as inspiration for fellow rescue workers searching through the debris Sept. 12. White House photo by Paul Morse. Dear Mr. President,

My sister, Eunice McGarrahan was driving by a Mosque in the Louisville, Kentucky area this past Saturday. She observed that the Mosque had been defaced with hate slogans. There were some Muslim women out front attempting to clean up the mess. My sister, who happens to be a Presbyterian Minister, identified herself as such and told the women that she was sorry that someone would do such a thing. The women then told her that they were Americans too, that they loved their country and what had happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was a horrific crime. By the way, Eunice ("Junior") has a husband and son who both work at the Pentagon.

My sister and the women then all hugged one another and many tears were shed. They then formed a circle and joined one another in prayer.

On Monday, my sister once again drove by the Mosque. This time there were flowers and other niceties that had been left by the general public as an apology for what had happened.

Mr. President, I cannot help but think that you had something to do with this "turnaround" with your words of love and tolerance for all all Americans. Thank you for being our steadfast Shepard during these trying times. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you as you lead us out of this darkness.


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