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2nd Grade "Heroes" poem The Oval Inbox
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Date: 09/24/2001 01:28 PM EDT
From: Second Grade Class at Washington Elementary School in Canton, Ohio
To: President George W. Bush
Subject: 2nd Grade "Heroes" poem

Photo of two heroes in New York. White House photo by Paul Morse. Dear Mr. President,

Mrs. Konigsberger's Second Grade Class
Washington Elementary School
Canton, Ohio

Inspired by "Ground Zero Heroes"
Dedicated to our heroes nationwide.

H is for . . .
   your helping hands and huge hearts,
   the hours of hard work, the headaches,
   the heartaches, the heroic acts you do,
   and the honor you bring to our country.

E is for . . .
   your effort and unending supply of energy,
   the excellence in the example that you set,
   the eyes that look up to you and look to
   you for help, and for the encouragement you
   give to everyone every day.

R is for . . .
   the real life role models that you are,
   your quick response for help and rescue,
   for reassuring, recovering, and returning
   without the promise of a personal reward.

O is for . . .
   all you do for others, overcoming fears,
   your occupation of helping and saving,
   your obvious dedication and bravery,
   and your outstanding commitment to bettering
   our world.

E is for . . .
   each time you endanger your life to help,
   exceeding expectations and going the extra
   mile, for the hardships you endure in your
   experience, and the education and enrichment
   you provide.

S is for . . .
   the service and the standards you set for
   society, the many selfless acts,
   the sacrifice, the lives you save,
   the sadness you see, and all of the small
   things that seem to go unnoticed.

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