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One Nation Under God

Date: 09/13/2001 02:03 PM EDT
From: Bobby
To: President George W. Bush
Subject: One Nation Under God

Dear Mr. President,

I have recently seen on the Internet a photo taken of the World Trade Center Area that was very inspirational. The photo was of one of the remaining towers of the structures and around the tower were three Firemen raising the American Flag.

This photo was very uplifting to me personally. It seemed to symbolize the American spirit of facing our task, no matter how grim, with a resolve that is truly patriotic. This photo reminded me of the statue of the Marines raising our flag at Iwo Jima. It also gave me a feeling of connection to my Father's generation that I had not truly experienced before. I can imagine how he and his fellow soliders must have felt when they first saw that beautiful image.

I think this photo could be a great reminder to all of us Americans of this time of tragedy when we all pulled together as an American Family to get the job done. That resolve, which is so very American in spirit, of the the three firemen raising our flag above that devastation where their friends and family lay buried makes me proud to be an American.

I think when all of this has been cleaned up and the city has been restored to its normal schedule, that image would make a great statue to remind us, as Americans, of how in times of crisis, we are all brothers and sisters and that, as we used to say when I was in school, we are truly "One Nation Under God."

Montgomery, Alabama

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