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Campaign Against Terrorism: A Coalition Update

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2. Military Commitments

A critical element to the war on terrorism remains the building and sustaining of a strong coalition of nations dedicated to freedom and security.

Coalition forces make important contributions to the War on Terrorism across the spectrum of operations. Particular contributions include, but are not limited to, providing personnel, equipment and assets for use on the ground, air and sea.

Coalition members have also provided liaison teams, participated in planning, provided bases and have granted over-flight permissions. And some are now working to train the new Afghan security force.

To date, 17 nations have deployed to the US Central Command’s area of responsibility with over 16,500 troops.

This coalition is working hard everyday to defeat terrorism, wherever it may exist.


Below is a breakdown of support from some of our coalition partners.

The Americas


The U.S. has taken direct military action in Afghanistan, plus co-operated militarily with many governments across the world.


"So long as training camps operate, so long as nations harbor terrorists, freedom is at risk. And America and our allies must not, and will not, allow it."

President G.W. Bush 29 Jan 2002


  • Canadian representatives arrived at US Central Command (CENTCOM) on 01 Oct 01. Currently there are 61 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Canada currently has 2,259 personnel in the CENTCOM AOR (747 land, 447 air and 1065 naval personnel).
  • The Canadian Naval Forces have been engaged in Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO), Leadership Interdiction Operations (LIO), escort duties and general maritime surveillance between the North Arabian Gulf and the North Arabian Sea.
  • Canadian Air Force CC 150 Polaris (Airbus) and 3 CC130 (Hercules) aircraft have conducted strategic and tactical airlift. They have moved over 4.3 million pounds of freight to date. 2 CP 140 Aurora (P3C) aircraft are employed in MIO/LIO operations as part of CTF 57. 44 missions and 391 flight hours have been logged to date. Organic helicopter assets have flown in excess of 700 missions.
  • Canada’s Light Infantry Battle Group has deployed as part of TF Rakkasam with 693 personnel and 12 COYOTE armoured reconnaissance vehicles. These forces have been deployed to Qandahar for security and combat operations. A third Infantry Company will soon be added.
  • Special Operations Forces are currently in Afghanistan performing the full spectrum of missions.
  • Canada contributed the first coalition Task Group to arrive in CENTCOM AOR. Recently, HMCS TORONTO operating in the North Arabian Sea intercepted a small vessel laden with 4,500 pounds of hashish (valued at over $60 million). The vessel was abandoned by its crew during the interception. The cargo and vessel were subsequently destroyed.

European Nations


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM 18 Sep 01. There are currently 43 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • RADM Burnell-Nugent serves as Deputy Commander for all coalition naval forces in theatre, responsible for co-ordinating extensive operations
  • British ground forces have participated in both Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Veritas and ISAF missions (Operation Fingal). "B" Company of 40 Commandos and Royal Marines deployed to Kabul and has contributed to mine clearing operations, including the provision of specialist equipment at both Bagram and Kabul International airports.
  • The UK was the first nation to send military representatives and campaign planners to CENTCOM.
  • They have deployed the largest Naval Task Force since the Falklands War to support OEF. Additionally, they have provided the only coalition Tomahawk Land Attack Missile platforms to launch missiles during the commencement of OEF hostilities.
  • The UK has been involved from the outset alongside US forces. It has fired Tomahawk missile salvos and flown sorties in support of US strike aircraft. It has also made available to the United States the base at Diego Garcia.
  • The UK has assigned an Amphibious Task Group to OP VERITAS, currently led by the Royal Navy’s Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH), HMS OCEAN. Other ships involved are:
  • The destroyer HMS YORK;
  • A Tomahawk missile armed submarine presence;
  • The Survey Ship HMS SCOTT is also in the area.
  • Since 21 December 2001 the Royal Navy has taken part in coalition maritime interdiction operations to seize personnel or equipment, provided that compelling intelligence is obtained linking the target to Al Qa’ida or the Taliban.
  • The RAF currently has six reconnaissance and refuelling aircraft assigned to OP VERITAS, consisting of Boeing E3D Sentry AWACS, Nimrod MR2 maritime patrol aircraft and TriStar tankers.
  • A number of C130 Hercules aircraft have been deployed, although these are primarily used to support the ISAF.
  • We also have a number of helicopters with the Amphibious Task Group, supporting our activities in and around Afghanistan.
  • In all, excluding ISAF troops, there are about 3,600 UK personnel in the region.


  • The UK agreed to act as Lead Nation of the ISAF for the first three months of its deployment. Major General John McColl has been appointed Commander of the ISAF during this period.

    A few hours before addressing the US Congress and the world, President Bush talks privately with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Blue Room at the White House Sept. 20.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 08 Oct 01. There are currently 15 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • The French Air Force deploying C-160 and C-130 aircraft to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, have provided Humanitarian Assistance as well as national and coalition airlift support. Two KC-135 aircraft will deploy to Manas, Kyrgyzstan to provide aerial refuelling. Six Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft will also deploy to Manas. Atlantique aircraft are deployed to Djibouti under national control.
  • French engineers helped construct runways, a Tent City and a munitions storage facility at Manas. France also provided airfield security (with dogs), a Field Mess Unit, a Deployable Weather Bureau, and a CMO Team. Additionally, France deployed and Infantry Company to Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan to provide area security.
  • One French officer is currently serving as an air co-ordinator at the Regional Air Movement Control Centre (RAMCC).
  • France is providing their only Carrier Battle Group to support combat operations in the North Arabian Sea. Aircraft from this Battle Group have flown over 1,500 hours for OEF to date. France’s naval contribution to OEF accounts for approximately 24 percent of their entire naval forces.
  • Additionally, France has been the only non-US country taking part in the operational build-up at Manas airfield in Kyrgyzstan.


  • Belgium representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 19 Oct 01. Currently there are 4 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Belgium is providing one officer to the Coalition Intelligence Centre (CIC) at CENTCOM and one officer to the Regional Air Movement Control Centre (RAMCC) to serve as Deputy Chief of Operations.
  • Belgium Air Force C-130 aircraft delivered a high protein food supplement (UNIMIX) from Denmark to Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
  • Their A-310 (Airbus) delivered 250,000 vaccinations for children under the United Nations Children’s fund (UNICEF) program.
  • Belgium led the largest multinational Humanitarian Assistance (HA) mission, which included Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Norway. This mission provided 90 metric tons of UNIMIX to feed starving children in Afghanistan and set the standard for follow-on HA operations.


  • Operation Enduring Freedom - up to 3,900 troops
  • A Nuclear Biological and Chemical unit equipped with "Fuchs" armoured reconnaissance vehicles for detecting nuclear, biological and chemical contamination.


"On 7 October the United States, supported by Great Britain, launched the military operation known as Enduring Freedom. The US Administration has now approached us with a specific request. It covers the provision of ABC defence forces, a unit to evacuate the wounded, special forces of the Bundeswehr, air transport facilities as well as naval forces- for instance to keep shipping lanes open and to protect vessels with hazardous cargoes. The Federal Cabinet decided yesterday to comply with this request"

Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in the German Bundestag, 8 November 2001

  • The unit and crew of 250 are currently deployed to Kuwait for a defence exercise and will be on standby afterward in Germany.
  • "Flying Hospital" - medical evacuation Airbus A310 and crew.
  • A Special forces naval task force is taking part in CENTCOM’s operations around the Horn of Africa, helping to disrupt the communication routes of terrorist organisations and countering piracy.
  • The core of the task force are three frigates and five fast patrol boats. Naval aircraft are also conducting fact-finding missions over Kenya.
  • On operation Noble Eagle, German troops are part of the crews of NATO AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) that have been patrolling US airspace since October 2001.
  • ISAF - More than 700 soldiers, with a total of 1,200 available, are leading the 1,450-strong contingent supported by The Netherlands, Austria and Denmark deployed in Kabul.


  • Denmark's representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 02 Nov 01. There are currently 5 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • The Danish Air Force is providing 1 C-130 aircraft with 75 crew and support personnel. These assets began deploying on 20 Feb 02. As of 21 Feb 02, 30 Danish personnel have arrived in the AOR. Additionally, Denmark is scheduled to provide 4 F-16 aircraft in an Air to Ground role with pilots and support personnel. Support availability at host base will determine timeline for force deployment. These assets are on standby in Denmark.
  • Approximately 100 Special Operation Forces personnel have deployed to the AOR as part of a multinational unit under US command.
  • Denmark will soon become one of the first coalition countries to operate an airlift aircraft from the newly formed Logistical "Hub" that has recently become operational at Manas airbase.

Czech Republic

  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 09 Nov 01. Currently there are 3 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • 251 personnel are deploying to Camp Doha, Kuwait to perform local training as well as AOR-wide Consequence Management (CM) support


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 22 Jan 02. There are currently 3 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • The Finnish Military Liaison team at CENTCOM continues to concentrate on Civil Military Operations (CMO), with an objective to facilitate co-operation and co-ordination between ISAF, OEF and UN operations in Afghanistan.
  • Finland is currently assisting Humanitarian Assistance organisations in Afghanistan in an effort to promote the long-term reconstruction of the country.
  • Finland is providing the largest coalition Civil Military Operations (CMO) unit in Kabul in support of ISAF. This unit currently consists of 50 officers.



  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM 19 Dec 01. There are currently 3 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • The Greek's have offered one Frigate which will be deployed into the CENTCOM AOR on 15 Mar 02.
  • Greece has committed to provide 1 engineering company and 1 C-130 aircraft for tactical airlift in support of ISAF Operations.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM 8 Oct 01. There are currently 13 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • The Italian Air Force is scheduled to deploy 1 C-130 to Manas airfield following initial force rotation.
  • Italian personnel have been committed to both OEF and ISAF operations.
  • Italy has provided their only Carrier Battle Group to support combat operations in the North Arabian Sea. They have deployed over 13 percent of their entire naval forces for use in OEF.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 15 Nov 01. There are currently 6 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Norwegian Hydrema 910 mine clearing vehicles and personnel have been responsible for clearing over 180,000 square meters of terrain on Qandahar airfield and its surroundings.


"I'm proud to say a certain number of Norwegian special forces are in place in Afghanistan to support the Americans in the military operation 'Enduring Freedom,"

Kristin Krohn, Norwegian Defence Minister, 07 Jan 2002

  • SOF forces are currently providing the full spectrum of SOF missions and were deployed by national means. Air Force C-130 aircraft are providing tactical airlift support and re-supply for these SOF forces. C-130 aircraft have also conducted numerous HA missions and are soon scheduled to deploy to Manas.
  • Norway is scheduled to deploy fighters to Manas following the initial force rotation.
  • Norway’s SOF exploitation missions have yielded valuable Human Intelligence (HUMINT). Additionally, Norway has provided 15 hardened vehicles ($1.5 million) that are currently supporting SOF missions and providing leadership transport.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 19 Nov 01. There are currently 5 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Poland is currently planning the deployment of combat engineers and logistics platoons to Bagram. Poland has also planned for 20 soldiers to deploy to Kuwait to support MIO operations in the CENTCOM AOR.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 13 Dec 01. There are currently 2 personnel at CENTCOM.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 21 Oct 01. There are currently 7 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • An Air Force KDC-10 is currently deployed to Incirlik and conducting Strategic airlift for ISAF. This aircraft will then re-deploy to Al Udeid, Qatar. To date, C-130 aircraft have completed 3 HA flights under national flag. The Netherlands will soon deploy 1 C-130 aircraft to Manas and are scheduled to deploy following the initial force rotation.
  • Two Dutch naval frigates are currently operating in the CENTCOM AOR. Other naval ships along with Air Force P-3s will relieve U.S. units in SOUTHCOM AOR.
  • One person is scheduled to work as a planning officer at the Regional Air Movement Control Center (RAMCC).
  • RNLNS Van Almonde assisted a U.S. E-2 and S-3 aircraft in a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission to find a Pakistani Mirage that was thought to have gone down 23 nautical miles off the coast of Pakistan.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 15 Nov 01. There are currently 2 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Romania is currently in the process of approving basing and over-flight permission for all U.S. and coalition partners.
  • Romania is currently in the process of planning and co-ordinating the use of infantry units, mine clearing equipment and engineers to support ongoing requirements for OEF.


  • Country representative arrived at CENTCOM on 30 Nov 01.
  • Russia has supported HA operations by transporting over 420,296 tons of food commodities, 2,198 tons of medicines, 15,282 beds, 1,200 heaters, 13 mini electric power stations, 780 tents, 11,000 blankets, 49,674 bedding kits, 11,000 pieces of kitchen utensils, and 9 tons of detergents.
  • Russia provided the first coalition hospital in Kabul on 29 Nov 01. The hospital treated 5,235 patients before Russia turned the facility over to the local population on 25 Jan 02.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 05 Nov 01. There are currently 9 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Spain will soon deploy 1 P-3B to Djibouti, 3 C-130s to Manas and 2 naval frigates to the CENTCOM AOR to support continued operations in OEF.
  • Spain provided a hospital in Bagram on 8 Feb 02. As of 20 Feb 02, this hospital has treated 607 patients and has expanded its operation to conduct over 2 hours of humanitarian aid calls per day.


"The new terrorism that acted against the United States, reminds me of the experience lived by Spain in the last few years, and to reiterate my firm convictions which are receiving more and more world-wide recognition: All terrorism is the same, there is neither better nor worse, nor good or bad, they are all abominable. Therefore, there are no distinctions to be made, simply all of them are terrorists."

Federico Trillo, Spanish Defence Minister, at the 38th Conference on Security Policy, 2 Feb 2002


  • An intelligence unit, tied to the UK Headquarters of ISAF, totalling 45 people
  • Two C-130 transport aircraft in support of ISAF
  • Logistics support for humanitarian aid distribution provided by the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, some 20 professionals.



  • Australian representatives arrived at U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) on 27 Sep 01. Currently there are 7 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Australian Special Operations Forces (SOF) are currently in Afghanistan performing the full spectrum of SOF missions.
  • Australian Air Force C-130s transported national forces to the Area of Responsibility (AOR), and while there, they supported Director of Mobility Forward (DIRMOBFOR) tactical lift requirements.
  • Fighter aircraft were also deployed to perform Combat Air Patrol (CAP) missions at Diego Garcia. Soon Australia will deploy 2 KC-135 aircraft to Manas, Kyrgyzstan. Australian Air Force will fill a key wing leadership position at Manas (Operations Group Commander).
  • Australia has numerous ships deployed to the AOR supporting Combined Forces Maritime Component Commander (CFMCC) operations.
  • The National Command Element is forward deployed in Kuwait providing command and control for deployed forces.
  • Australia suffered the first non-U.S. fatality: on February 16, 2002 Sgt. Andrew Russel was killed in action as the result of a land mine explosion..


  • The government of the Philippines has pledged the use of facilities on Philippine soil for the anti-terrorist coalition. It is forging a regional grouping to fight terrorism with Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


"Destroying terrorism is the immediate and overriding objective"

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Philippines, 26 September, 2001

New Zealand

  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 8 Oct 01. There are currently 6 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • New Zealand provided logistic and HA airlift support in Afghanistan with Air Force C-130 aircraft. These aircraft were made available to help move the backlog of equipment and supplies needed for OEF.
  • Their 7-person Air Loading Team (ALT) was deployed to support ISAF.
  • New Zealand will soon deploy 8 officers to staff the ISAF headquarters.
  • As part of a combined operation, New Zealand SOF units recovered valuable equipment and forwarded it for exploitation.

Middle East


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 28 Nov 01. There are currently 3 personnel at CENTCOM.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM 07 Oct 01. There are currently 2 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • An "Aardvark" mine clearing unit and personnel are currently deployed to Qandahar.
  • One person is scheduled to work as a planning officer at the Regional Air Movement Control Centre (RAMCC).
  • Jordan has provided basing and over-flight permission for all U.S. and coalition forces.
  • Jordan’s deployment of Level II Field Hospital and Airborne Infantry Company to Mazar-e-Sharif has enabled the treatment of over 17,000 patients (including over 8,000 women and children) and performed over 150 surgical operations.


  • No country representatives are currently present at CENTCOM; however, there is one Naval Liaison Officer (LNO) at U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT).
  • Bahrain maintains fighter units on continuous strip alert providing defensive CAP that protect national and coalition forces in Bahrain.
  • One Frigate and associated personnel are supporting OEF naval mission in the AOR.
  • Basing and over-flight permissions have been significant enablers for Coalition Forces.


"We have supported and participated in the international campaign against terrorism and the efforts to eradicate its elements, shelters and sources of finance. We have done so on the basis of our firm principles against terrorism, and indeed all acts of violence and extremism, which contradict the teachings of Islam and the civilised standards of humanity that we believe and support."

Bahrain Foreign Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, 28 Feb 2002


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 6 Dec 01. There are currently 3 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Qatar maintains fighter units on continuous strip alert providing defensive CAP protection for national and coalition forces in Qatar.
  • Qatar led the way in the early stages of OEF by granting over-flight and basing clearance for U.S. and coalition forces.

United Arab Emirates

  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 01 Nov 01. There are currently 3 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • The United Arab Emirates have provided basing and over-flight permission for all U.S. and coalition forces.
  • Air Force C-130 aircraft have supported HA operations by airlifting supplies into Central Asia. They have conducted 3 flights to date.



  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 11 Oct 01. There are currently 3 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Turkey has provided basing and over-flight permission for all U.S. and coalition forces.
  • One Turkish officer is scheduled to work as a planning officer at the Regional Air Movement Control Centre (RAMCC).
  • Turkey was the first coalition country to provide critical KC-135 aerial refuelling support for U.S. aircraft during their transits to the CENTCOM AOR.

    A mechanical digger gets to work on
    a crater. A Turkish Air Force transport
    can also be seen unloading

    "Terrorism is a crime against humanity. We strongly condemn all the perpetrators of such crimes and the recent heinous terrorist attacks against the USA. All nations should unite their will and co-ordinate their acts in the fight against terrorism. Turkey, as several other European countries, has suffered from terrorism. We must all stand up together to eradicate this scourge."

    Ismail Cem, Turkish Foreign Minister to the European Conference, Brussels, 20 Oct 2001


  • Pakistan supports the military intervention in Afghanistan, offering information, over-flight rights and logistic support, and intervening to stop fleeing Taliban and Al Qa’ida fighters trying to reach safety.

Republic of Korea

  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 16 Nov 01. There are currently 5 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • A Republic of Korea naval vessel transported over 500 tons of critical construction material from Singapore to Diego Garcia to support the demand for OEF building materials. Additionally, they have pledged over 45 million dollars to aid in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.
  • Republic of Korea will soon deploy a Level II hospital to Manas and has already sent 2 liaison officers to begin co-ordination efforts.
  • South Korean Air Force C-130s have flown 11 flights between Seoul, Korea and Diego Garcia as well as 5 flights to Islamabad. These flights were responsible for transporting over 45 tons of humanitarian relief supplies valued at $12 million.


  • Country representatives arrived at CENTCOM on 26 Dec 01. There are currently 5 personnel at CENTCOM.
  • Uzbekistan has helped relieve Strategic airlift requirements by leasing IL-76 transport aircraft to coalition members to move forces and equipment into the CENTCOM AOR.


  • Cambodia has offered the coalition the use of their airports and ports if needed.


"The world must make every effort and action to combat terrorism"

Nordom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia in a statement to President Bush, 12 September 2001


The War on Terrorism is a broad-based effort that will take time. Every nation has different circumstances and will participate in different ways.

This mission and future missions will require a coalition that is ready to take on the challenges and risks associated with such a operation. The accomplishments to date can be directly attributed to a focused and unwavering coalition.


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