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Ask the White House - 2005 Guests Ask the White House Archives
March 30 2005 | 7:31 p.m.(EDT)

Q: Chris from Chesterfield, Missouri:
I often hear the press reports from Pebble Beach at the White House. What and where is Pebble Beach?

Nicolle Devenish A: Nicolle Devenish, Assistant to the President for Communications:
Located just outside the West Wing lobby and the press briefing room, network and affiliate television correspondents use this area which provides an ideal backdrop for “stand-ups” while they report on the White House. However, due to its constant use over the years, the spot was often muddy and it became increasingly more difficult to maintain the grass on this part of the lawn. In 1998, the White House installed honeycomb grating and gravel to create “Pebble Beach”. Last summer, “Stonehenge” emerged as another nickname for the spot when the area was paved over with concrete.

March 14 2005 | 11:46 p.m.(EDT)

Q: Kevin from Berea kentucky:
What are the major steps that the bush administration is doing to fight major incresae of drugs in society?

Ambassador John Walters A: Ambassador John Walters, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy:
This Administration has made significant progress in the fight against drugs, using a balanced approach emphasizing prevention, treatment, and law enforcement. President Bush laid out clear and ambitious goals in this area: a 10 percent reduction in teen drug over two years, and a 25 percent reduction over five years. We're pleased to report that with a 17 percent reduction in teen drug use over the past three years, we've exceeded the two year goal and are well on our way to the five year target. That means there are over 600,000 fewer teens using drugs now than there were in 2001.

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