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Specific Measures that Comprise Joint Action Plan with Mexico

1. Infrastructure that keeps pace with commerce
  • Conduct a joint survey of infrastructure along our common border to identify bottlenecks that impede the movement of goods and people.
  • Develop integrated infrastructure investment plans to ensure that the economic competitiveness of the border region is not impaired as the volume of trade grows.
  • Conduct security assessments of critical infrastructure and take steps to protect them from terrorist attack.
2. The secure flow of people
  • Cooperate to identify individuals who pose threats to our societies before they arrive in North America.
  • Develop and implement technology systems at ports of entry to speed the flow of bona-fide travelers.
  • Coordinate efforts to deter smuggling of third-country nationals and establish a joint U.S.-Mexico Advanced Passenger Information exchange system.
3. The secure flow of goods
  • Implement technology-sharing programs to place non-intrusive inspection systems on cross-border rail lines and at high-volume ports of entry.
  • Develop and implement technology systems to increase security at all points of the supply chain that links producers and consumers.
  • Expand partnerships with the private sector to increase security of commercial shipments.
Develop technology systems to rapidly exchange customs data.