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Catharina Haynes

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

  • Judge Catharina Haynes was confirmed on April 10, 2008, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which hears appeals from the federal district courts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.
    • Catharina Haynes is a highly respected former state court judge who is widely praised by lawyers and judges alike for her intellect, integrity, and work ethic.
  • Judge Haynes has a distinguished record as a state court judge and practicing attorney.
    • After serving as a state court judge, Judge Haynes returned to private practice at the well-regarded national law firm of Baker Botts, LLP, where she worked in the litigation department.
      • While in private practice, she handled a wide range of complicated cases in state and federal court, arguing in trial courts and the court to which she now serves—the Fifth Circuit.
    • Prior to her return to private practice, Judge Haynes served as a state court judge. In 1998, Judge Haynes was elected Judge of the 191st District Court in Dallas, winning re-election in 2002.
      • As a trial judge, Judge Haynes presided over 190 jury trials and approximately 100 bench trials. She disposed of over 7000 cases involving a full range of civil topics including complex commercial disputes, disputes involving lenders, commercial litigation, insurance coverage and bad faith litigation, personal injury, trade secrets and other intellectual property matters, and employment disputes.
    • Prior to being elected judge, Judge Haynes was a partner at Baker Botts LLP. She has also served as an associate at both Baker Botts and at Thompson & Knight, another highly regarded law firm.
  • Judge Haynes’ abilities and commitment to the community have been repeatedly recognized.
    • Judge Haynes has won several awards and professional honors including the 2006 State Bar of Texas Presidential Commendation, 2006 Florida Tech Alumni Association Outstanding Achievement Award, 2005 DAYL Foundation Award of Excellence, 2004 Dallas Women Lawyers Association Louise B. Raggio Award, 2003 Dallas Women Lawyers Association Outstanding Board Member Award, and 1996 and 2002 Dallas Bar Association Jo Anna Moreland Outstanding Committee Chair Award.
    • When running for re-election, she received the endorsement of The Dallas Morning News, which opined, “Catharina Haynes (R) has energy, intelligence and a strong commitment to the law. Those qualities earn her re-election.” The paper also stated, “She runs a fair, efficient court."
  • Judge Haynes has outstanding academic credentials.
    • Judge Haynes graduated second in her class from Emory University School of Law and received her J.D. with distinction at age 22. She served on the Emory Law Journal.
    • She graduated first in her class from the Florida Institute of Technology, earning a B.S. in psychology at age 19.
  • Judge Haynes has demonstrated commitment to the legal profession and the community.
    • She has been active in numerous bar associations, including as Chair of the Vickery Meadow Subcommittee of the Dallas Bar Association Pro Bono Activities Committee.
    • She has volunteered extensively in the community, holding several volunteer leadership positions and volunteering to serve as a judge at a pro bono clinic where she presided over matters such as uncontested divorces and adoptions. She also initiated and participated in an effort to prepare a brochure for pro se litigants in state civil courts.