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Expanding Opportunity

Excerpt from July 22, 2002 Remarks of the President to the Press During Tour of the Advanced Photon Source Lab - Illinois

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Question: Are you going to get trade promotion authority this week?

PRESIDENT: Well, that's a good question. I talked to the Speaker about that. I'm anxious that they come together and get a bill up. It's important for our economy that we get a trade promotion authority. I know the Speaker's committed to getting a bill to the floor, once the conference finishes its work.

I met with the leaders of both the House and the Senate, both parties, and urged them to reconcile any differences and get the bill to the floor of the House before they go on recess. We'll just have to see, when I get back to Washington, I'm going to check in, because our people are working that bill hard, working the corporate responsibility bill hard as well.