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Expanding Opportunity

Excerpt from July 15, 2002 remarks by the President at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama. Subject: The Economy

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President: . . . I want to expand trade. I believe that'll help create jobs.

Confident people are willing to expand trade. Non-confident people -- you know, people who aren't confident about America and our ability to compete want to build barriers around the country. And I'm confident. Listen, I know our farmers -- Alabama farmers, Texas farmers, farmers all across the country -- are the best in the world. And if you're the best at something, we ought to be opening up markets for them, so they can sell their products around the world.

We're good at a lot of things in America, and we ought to be selling our products all around the world. It's time for Congress to quit talking and start acting, and giving me trade promotion authority so that we can open up more markets and more people can find work right here in America. . . .