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Expanding Opportunity

Excerpt from the June 13, 2002 Remarks by the President to the 21st Century High Tech Forum

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PRESIDENT: . . . In order to enhance the ability for people to make a living, we must open up markets around the world. We've had a battle here on trade. There are people who don't believe in free trade, the people who believe that kind of walling off America from the world would lead to more job growth. I completely disagree. The more we trade, the more jobs there will be in America. The more we are willing to sell our markets and work where we've got a competitive advantage, the better off the work force will be, and the more likely it is an entrepreneur will be able to succeed.

And so I have worked hard to get Congress to pass what they call trade promotion authority, which will give me the ability to negotiate trade treaties. And we're making progress.

Now, I'd like your help to convince both the members of the Senate and the House to reconcile their differences in the conference committee and get me a trade promotion authority as quickly as possible.

And with that trade promotion authority, not only will I work to expand free trade throughout our hemisphere, my attitude is, good foreign policy starts with a neighborhood which is democratic, free, prosperous and strong. But I will work in other parts of the world to open up markets -- markets for high-tech products, markets for our agricultural people. And I'll be aggressive at it. I will. And if I find unfair trade practices, by the way, I'm going to enforce the law -- the laws on the books. So I want to thank you for your support on trade promotion authority. . .