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Expanding Opportunity

Excerpts from the June 13, 2002 White House Briefing by President Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard after their meeting that the White House

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QUESTION: Mr. President, if Congress gives you trade approval, will a trade deal be a priority with Australia? And will Australian farmers get better access to American markets?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yeah, I talked to John about the importance of trade. The qualifier was, if Congress were to give me trade promotion authority. I appreciate you qualifying it that way. I urge Congress to give me trade promotion authority, so --

PRIME MIN. HOWARD: So do I. (Laughter.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: -- yeah -- (chuckles) -- so we can have fruitful discussions with our friend. But first things first. And as you know, a bill passed the House, and one passed the Senate, and now it's time for them to get together and get the bill to me. And I would -- more than willing to ask my man, Zoellick, to talk to the Australians, but only until and after we get TPA.

Listen, thank you all for coming.