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Expanding Opportunity

Excerpt from June 7, 2002 remarks by President Bush to the World Pork Expo; The Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moins, Iowa.

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PRESIDENT: . . .In order to make sure this economy is strong, we've got to make sure that the agricultural sector of our economy is strong. See, I understand that. I was from a -- the governor of the second largest agricultural state in the union. I understand farm economics. I understand the need to have a hopeful economy. And I understand the need to be able to grow -- to grow more food than we need for the national security of the country as well.

But I also understand when there's oversupply, it's a problem. And one of the ways to deal with oversupply is to sell our pork in foreign markets. I need the trade promotion authority. (Applause.) It is time to quite playing politics with trade promotion. It's time for the House and the Senate to get together and get that bill on my desk. . .