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President's Visit to India and Pakistan

President Bush and President Musharraf of Pakistan
Discuss Strengthened Relationship

"Mr. President and I reaffirmed our shared commitment to a broad and lasting strategic partnership. And that partnership begins with close cooperation in the war on terror. President Musharraf made a bold decision for his people and for peace, after September the 11th, when Pakistan chose to fight the terrorists. The American people appreciate your leadership, Mr. President, and so do I."

--President George W. Bush
Islamabad, Pakistan
March 4, 2006

Fact Sheet: United States and Pakistan: Long-Term Strategic Partners

Joint Statement on United States-Pakistan Strategic Partnership

President Bush and Prime Minister Singh of India
Discuss Growing Strategic Partnership

"India in the 21st century is a natural partner of the United States because we are brothers in the cause of human liberty. Yesterday, I visited a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, and read the peaceful words of a fearless man. His words are familiar in my country because they helped move a generation of Americans to overcome the injustice of racial segregation. When Martin Luther King arrived in Delhi in 1959, he said to other countries, "I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim." I come to India as a friend.

For many years, the United States and India were kept apart by the rivalries that divided the world. That's changed. Our two great democracies are now united by opportunities that can lift our people, and by threats that can bring down all our progress. The United States and India, separated by half the globe, are closer than ever before, and the partnership between our free nations has the power to transform the world."

--President George W. Bush
New Delhi, India
March 3, 2006

Fact Sheet: United States and India: Strategic Partnership

U.S.-India Joint Statement

U.S.-India Joint Statement on Trade