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Hurricane Preparedness

President George W. Bush talks with Max Mayfield, center, director of NOAA's Tropical Prediction Center and National Hurricane Center and with Chris Landsea the Science and Operations Officer at the National Hurricane Center in Miami Monday, July 31, 2006. White House photo by Kimberlee Hewitt.

Ensuring The Nation Is Prepared For Future Disasters

On July 31, 2006, The President Visited The National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones over the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific from May 15 through November 30. The Center prepares and distributes hurricane watches and warnings for the general public, and also prepares and distributes marine and military advisories for other users.

Federal Disaster Response Capability Has Greatly Advanced Since Last Year's Hurricane Season. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is dramatically increasing the nation’s stockpiles of relief supplies, retooling FEMA for the 21st century, updating disaster plans, supporting State and local partners, and emphasizing individual and community preparedness.

DHS Has Four Times The Emergency Meals And Ice, And 2.5 Times The Water Available This Year Than Were Available Prior To Hurricane Katrina. These supplies have the capacity to sustain 1 million people for one week.


Pre-Katrina Post-Katrina % Increase Service Capacity
MREs 180 truckloads 770 truckloads +300% 1 truckload serves 10,000 people/day
Water 600 truckloads 1,500 truckloads +150% 1 truckload serves 5,000 people/day
Ice 430 truckloads 2,000+ truckloads +400% 1 truckload serves 5,000 people/day
Disaster Assistance Employees Approximately 4,000 employees Approximately 8,000 employees +100% N/A

The National Weather Service And The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration Continue To Strengthen Weather Forecasting And Warning Capabilities.

On February 23, 2006, The Administration Released Its "Lessons Learned" Review Of The Federal Response To Hurricane Katrina. The Report identifies deficiencies in the Federal government's response and lays the groundwork for better preparation for and response to future natural disasters.

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