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USA Freedom Corps Radio PSA: Bob Dole & John Glenn


John Glenn:  . . . and then I orbited the earth in a big rocket ship . . . (kids ooh and aah) . . . how many of you would like to go up in a rocketship? (under)

AVO:  This is retired Senator John Glenn volunteering as a mentor --- giving kids the benefit of his rich experiences. And this is retired Senator Bob Dole sharing his experiences.

Bob Dole:  No, uh, I never actually met Britney. (kids groan)

AVO:  To find out how you can answer President Bush's call to service, go to USAFreedomCorps.GOV or call 1-877-USA C-O-R-P-S. This public service message brought to you by USA Freedom Corps and the Ad Council.

President Bush:  When you help your neighbors you help your nation. Everyone can do something.