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"Today, America and Europe face a moment of consequence and opportunity. Together we can once again set history on a hopeful course -- away from poverty and despair, and toward development and the dignity of self-rule; away from resentment and violence, and toward justice and the peaceful settlement of differences. Seizing this moment requires idealism: We must see in every person the right and the capacity to live in freedom. Seizing this moment requires realism: We must act wisely and deliberately in the face of complex challenges. And seizing this moment also requires cooperation, because when Europe and America stand together, no problem can stand against us."

--President George W. Bush, February 21, 2005

~Speeches & News

February 24, 2005

President and President Putin Discuss Strong U.S.-Russian Partnership

President Addresses and Thanks
Citizens of Slovakia

President and Slovakian
Prime Minister Dzurinda Discuss Policy

February 23, 2005

President Thanks U.S. Troops at Wiesbaden Army Airfield Base

President Bush Speaks with Young Professionals in Germany

President Bush and Chancellor
Schröder Discuss Partnership

President and German Chancellor Schröder Exchange Toasts

February 22, 2005

President Meets with E.U. Leaders

President and Secretary General de
Hoop Scheffer Discuss NATO Meeting

President and Prime Minister Blair
Discuss Iraq, NATO Meeting

Remarks by First Lady Laura Bush to Students and Faculty in Germany

Remarks by First Lady Laura Bush
to the Troops in Germany

February 21, 2005

President and President Chirac
Discuss Common Values, Vision

President Discusses American and European Alliance in Belgium

~Joint Statements~

February 24, 2005

Joint Statement by President Bush
and President Putin on Nuclear
Security Cooperation

Joint Statement by President Bush
and President Putin on U.S.-Russian
Energy Cooperation

Joint Statement by President Bush
and President Putin on Russia's
Accession to WTO

U.S.-Russia Joint Fact Sheet:
Bratislava Initiatives

February 23, 2005

U.S.-German Joint Actions on Cleaner
and More Efficient Energy,
Development and Climate Change

February 22, 2005

Joint Statement by the United States
and the European Union

February 21, 2005

Joint Statement by President Bush
and President Chirac on Lebanon

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