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Owning Part of the American Dream

President George W. Bush and new home owner Al Smith tour Pryor Road Corridor Development in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday, June 17. Increasing Homeownership. Owning your own home is the cornerstone of stability and long term financial security. But for many Americans, homeownership is out of reach. The President wants to tear down the barriers to homeownership for all Americans, and increase the number of minority homeowners by 5.5 million by:

  • Providing downpayment assistance through the American Dream Downpayment Fund;
  • Increasing the supply of affordable homes through housing tax credits;
  • Tripling funds for organizations like Habitat for Humanity that help families get their first home; and
  • Simplifying the home buying process.

President George W. Bush talks to small business leaders and employees at Albers Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Mo., including Brad Jones, the Missouri State Director, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Monday, March 18. Innovation, Opportunity and Entrepreneurship. Small businesses are the heart of the American economy because they drive innovation and create new jobs. The strength of our nation is built on the strength of our ideas. The President wants to reward this creativity and innovation and create thousands of new small businesses, especially women and minority-owned small businesses, by:

  • Tearing down regulatory barriers that prevent the creation of new small businesses and jobs;
  • Making it easier for small business owners to provide health care for their workers;
  • Giving tax incentives to small businesses to help them expand, buy more equipment and hire new workers.

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