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Independence Timeline
1765-1773     Dec. 16, 1773     Sept. 5, 1774     April 19, 1775
The British Parliament bypasses colonial assemblies and imposes several internal and external taxes on the outraged colonists.    

The colonial response to taxation without representation culminates in the Boston Tea Party. The Sons of Liberty dump 342 chests of tea into Boston harbor.

    Delegates begin meeting for the First Continental Congress and agree to send grievances to King George III.     Armed conflict between the colonists and British redcoats begins in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.


A Second Continental Congress begins meeting in Philadelphia.     The Continental Congress appoints a five-man committee, including Thomas Jefferson, to draft a declaration of independence.     The committee presents the declaration for debate and revision.     The Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence without dissent.
May 10, 1775
    June 11, 1776
    June 28, 1776
    July 4, 1776