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A Salute to Veterans
As we celebrate America's freedom this Fourth of July, we honor the veterans who have served America. Pulled from our diverse and broad land, America's veterans have fought for the binding belief that freedom and "certain inalienable rights" extend to each and every one of us. Through the courage of individual Americans, we find the strength of our nation.

President George W. Bush salutes the Navajo Code Talkers during a ceremony at the U. S. Capitol July 26, 2001. "In war, using their native language, they relayed secret messages that turned the course of battle. At home, they carried for decades the secret of their own heroism," said the President who presented medals to 21 Native Americans who served during World War II. President George W. Bush joins fellow veterans in standing at attention during the playing of the National Anthem at the dedication of the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va., June 6, 2001. The memorial was built to honor those who served and died during Operation Overlord in the D-Day invasion at Normandy, France, June 6, 1944. President George W. Bush and Laura Bush observe a moment of silence after laying flowers at the fountain by the entrance of Arlington National Cemetery May 28, 2001.
Veterans listen to President Bush speaks during Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery May 28, 2001. "It is not in our nature to seek out wars and conflicts. But whenever they have come, when adversaries have left us no alternative, American men and women have stood ready to take the risks and to pay the ultimate price." President George W. Bush salutes a veteran during a Memorial Day service at Notre Dame De La Paix Church at Normandy, France, May 27, 2002. The President and Mrs. Bush visited the beach and an American ceremony in honor of D-Day veterans. Addressing veterans, servicemen and women and families, President George W. Bush gives a thumbs-up during his speech marking the anniversary of Pearl Harbor on the U.S.S. Enterprise Dec. 7, 2001. "What happened at Pearl Harbor was the start of a long and terrible war for America. Yet, out of that surprise attack grew a steadfast resolve that made America freedom's defender. And that mission -- our great calling -- continues to this hour, as the brave men and women of our military fight the force of terror in Afghanistan and around the world," said the President.