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For Immediate Release
December 3, 2002

Advisor Ridge Announces Appointments to Senior Advisory Committee

Homeland Security Advisor Tom Ridge today announced the appointment of the following individuals to serve as Members of the Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, and Public Health and Hospitals Senior Advisory Committee to the President’s Homeland Security Advisory Council.

The Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, and Public Health and Hospitals Senior Advisory Committee was established by Executive Order 13260 of March 19, 2002. The purpose of this committee is to provide the President's Homeland Security Advisory Council with advice on increasing America's security from experts representing the nation's emergency response community.

Mr. Richard Andrews of California will serve as the Chair. He is a former Director of California’s Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and is currently the Principal Consultant on Emergency Management for the National Center for Crisis and Continuity Coordination (NC4™), a division of the Candle Corporation.

Mr. James Moore of Florida will serve as the Vice Chair. He is the Commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In addition to his law enforcement responsibilities, he will be Florida’s Incident Commander in the event of a terrorist attack in that state.

George F. Brown of New York is the Chief of Counterterrorism, New York City Police Department. He is charged with planning and directing the Police Department’s efforts in detecting, preventing, training for and responding to acts of terrorism within the city.

Michael S. Carona of California is the Sheriff of Orange County California. He leads the 5th largest Sheriff’s Department in the Nation, and serves as the County’s Emergency Manager.

P. Michael Freeman of California is the Fire Chief of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He manages one of the largest fire departments in the nation. He previously was Assistant Chief of Operations of the Dallas Fire Department.

William N. Gaughan of Pennsylvania is the Vice President, E-Business and Information Technology for the polymers and chemical divisions of the Bayer Corporation. He has 30 years of firefighting, hazardous materials, and terrorist incident response experience, and is the District Fire Chief for Peters Township, Pennsylvania.

Ellen Gordon of Iowa is the Administrator of Iowa’s Emergency Management Division. She also serves as Iowa’s Homeland Security Advisor. She served as a member of the Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism i.e. The Gilmore Commission.

Phil E. Keith of Tennessee is the Chief of Police, Knoxville, Tennessee. Under his leadership, the Knoxville Police Department became nationally accredited and selected to serve as national demonstration site for community policing.

Scott Lillibridge of Texas is the Director of the Center for Bio Security, University of Texas. He was previously the Director of Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Paul M. Maniscalco of New Jersey is an Adjunct Assistant Professor, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He was the EMS Incident Commander at the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Judith M. Mueller of Virginia is the Director of Public Works, Charlottesville, Virginia. She is also serving as the current Past President of the 26,000 member American Public Works Association.

Jane Perlov of North Carolina is the Chief of Police of Raleigh, North Carolina. She previously served as the Secretary of Public Safety for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Edward P. (Ed) Plaugher of Virginia is the Fire Chief, Arlington County, Virginia. He is the Immediate Past President of the State Fire Chiefs of Virginia and a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs

Gary Scott of Wyoming is the Chief and Administrator, Campbell County Fire Department, Campbell County Wyoming. He previously was Fire Chief of the Laramie County, Wyoming Volunteer Fire District #2.