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Excerpt from September 10, 2002 press release:
President Bush Holds Roundtable with Arab- and Muslim-American Leaders

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Q Yes, Mr. President, with this increased threat level, can you say what your level of concern is that Americans will be attacked again? And what is your advice to Americans in this time?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we are -- we take every threat seriously. The threats that we have heard recently remind us of the pattern of threats we heard prior to September the 11th. We have no specific threat to America, but we're taking everything seriously, obviously. And so, therefore, we have gone to a different level of concern, a different threat level, which means our government will be providing extra security at key facilities, and that we'll be increasing surveillance.

We'll do everything we can to protect the American people. And Americans need to go about their lives. They just need to know that their government, at the federal and state and local level, will be on an extra level of alert to protect us.