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Holiday in the National Parks

The Red Room

The Red Room showcases art depicting notable Americans and beautiful landscapes in the United States. Albert Bierstadt’s painting Rocky Mountain Landscape, located on the east wall, captures the grandeur of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

With 200 campsites, 359 miles of hiking trails, breathtaking views, and a wide variety of animals and plants to see, opportunities for rich experiences and exciting adventures abound in the Rockies.

Children can also join the fun during a visit to a national park by becoming a Junior Ranger. Through learning more about the history, landscapes, and wildlife of our parks, children gain a deeper respect for our national parks as well as an understanding of their role in protecting our parks for generations to come. And some may even be inspired to grow up and become park rangers!

The mantel is adorned by garland filled with seashells you might find on the beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore in Florida and Mississippi. 2007 Program Graphic